We are a Polish manufacturer of premium wooden products that captivate with precision in finishing and durability for years. Our production facility is located in Ołpiny, in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

In our family business, passion is passed down from generation to generation – from grandfather Stanisław Ryba, through father Czesław, to sons: Rafał and Mateusz.

Get to know us!

Czeslaw Ryba 1 - 1

Czesław Ryba

Founder of the Company, Development, Machine Maintenance

Rafal Ryba 1 - 2

Rafał Ryba

Management, Marketing, Sales

Mateusz Ryba - 3

Mateusz Ryba

Machine Maintenance

Aleksandra Gorczyca 1 - 4

Aleksandra Gorczyca

Sales and customer service

Edyta Sokolowska 1 - 5

Edyta Sokołowska

Sales and customer service

Jacek Solecki 1 - 6

Jacek Solecki


Marzena Pikusa 1 - 7

Marzena Pikusa

Human Resources (HR)

Tomasz Pikusa 1 - 8

Tomasz Pikusa

Production Manager

Despite the passage of time, our core masculine values remain unchanged: loyalty, safety, trust, and respect. However, what does evolve is technology and the needs of our customers, to which we adapt by offering personalized customization options for each product or even creating entirely new pieces upon request.

Year of establishment:1992
Employment70 people
OwnersCzesław Ryba, Rafał Ryba
Materials used in productionoak, beech, ash, thermo-ash, American walnut
Wood originPoland (excluding American walnut)
Annual processingapproximately 2000 m3
Production capabilities:Cutting boards: 20-40,000 pieces/month
Candle lids: 100-150,000 pieces/month
Plant concentrationAll production processes take place at one address
Where we ship to:EU countries, United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, USA

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The study didn’t go to waste.

Grandfather Stanisław instilled in us a passion for craftsmanship and the principles that still apply in our workshop today.

  • For production, we purchase wood from Polish forests (oak, beech, ash). An exception is the slightly more exotic American walnut sourced from the USA.
  • We hold an FSC® certificate, which guarantees the highest standards of wood sourcing and processing throughout the supply chain.
  • We employ our workers based on the ETI Base Code.
  • Our products are tested for food contact and certified by TÜV.

Many of the tools we use on a daily basis are also produced in our workshop. Czesław Ryba is capable of crafting milling cutters himself, which is particularly helpful and convenient when a specific sample needs to be urgently produced.

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The art of working with wood

We specialize in custom orders, creating unique corporate gadgets, imaginative gifts, or accessories with character. Wood is timeless, and our products are one-of-a-kind. We will create any product according to the client’s guidelines.

CNC machines allow for cutting in any shape. We can produce a kitchen board measuring 120 cm in length, as well as a candle lid with a diameter of 80×8 mm or a keychain ring with a diameter of 25×3 mm.

We care about quality from board to board.

We pay attention to every detail of production. We have been on the market for 31 years – we have learned a lot from our own mistakes.

The emphasis on the highest quality was passed down to us by our grandfather, a carpenter who in the 70s, with his own hands and without the help of even a drill, built houses, doors, and wooden windows.

What drives us forward is the constant desire to develop craftsmanship, nurture family tradition, and produce ever better products that combine beautiful design with functionality.

We are pleased that our products serve for years in homes, kitchens, professional restaurants, or adorn interiors, adding a touch of natural luxury.

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image 6 - 12

Boards as smooth as silk.

We know that any blemishes on the wood can be as irritating as a splinter in the finger. For us, a good product is one that customers caress with approval. That’s why in our workshop, there’s no room for compromises or flaws.

Belt sanders with various grits operate for 16 hours a day. Achieving perfect execution requires the efficient work of the entire team. Hard-to-reach corners of the product must be hand-polished.

Proper processing is one thing; then comes the next step of lacquering or oiling—depending on the desired finishing effect.

Nothing goes to waste.

Ecological wood management is our responsibility towards the environment. Choosing the right species for production allows for minimizing raw material waste.

We produce high-quality wooden briquettes from beech and oak sawdust. They are 100% pure, collected directly from our production machines. Thanks to their low ash content, they do not pollute the furnace and are a good substitute for coal.

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Our brand’s brief history


Stanisław Ryba, the patriarch of the family, worked as a carpenter in Poland for several decades and as a carpentry foreman in the USA. He didn’t have advanced tools, but he had a knack for working with wood. He built houses, wagon wheels, and even enclosures for iconic Hammond organs.


Czesław Ryba, the son of Stanisław, establishes the company Ryba Ołpiny. As a machine constructor, he builds the machines himself.


More machines are being created, often at night, as Czesław Ryba also takes care of his four children. The company is growing, and wooden products from Ołpiny, inhabited by just over 2,000 people, are reaching foreign markets.


We specialize in beech products. A modern production hall is being built.


The company’s development gains momentum when Rafał Ryba introduces a new management and expansion strategy into foreign markets. We are expanding our offer to include additional wood species (oak, ash, American walnut). Our approach to the customer is changing.


We are heavily investing in technology and development. We are expanding our offer with new shapes and customization options.


The company employs 70 people. The number of customers is still growing. We are also increasing efficiency – new CNC machines can produce 500-2000 boards per day.


Mateusz Ryba joins the company. As an automation and robotics engineer, he is in his element. He assists in automating machines and constructing new ones. He has experience – he has created, among other things, a power generator management system on the Windrose of Amsterdam yacht.


We have specialized in the production of luxury decorative items for the home and kitchen, as well as wooden candle lids. We practically do not have any complaints. We still strive for perfection because we know that there is always something that can be done better or faster.