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Unit packaging

9. Unit packaging

Good packaging not only protects the product during transport, but also accounts for the first impression. We offer solutions tailored to various needs: both for large orders, where solid protection plays a key role, and for individual projects, where attractiveness and originality matter.

Pudełko z tektury litej

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Made of white paper, in any size, with space for your own print or barcode sticker.
Min. Quantity500 pcs
Recommended forboards 10-15 mm thick, photo stands, small decorative elements

Corrugated box (E flute) FEFCO 210

Oak cutting board packed in fefco 210 box
CharactericticsHigh quality of offset and flexo printing, good protection against damage, aesthetic appearance, available in various shapes.
FEFCO 210 box slip on
require punch for each size
cost of punch is c.a. 300€
(we have a lot of punches in stock) – check with us if your item could fit our punch
Min. Quantity500 pcs
Reccomended forobjects 20 mm high or larger, of any weight
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CharactericticsFor small orders:
A good solution for small orders (from 100 pieces). without the need to purchase a cutting die (usually it costs about PLN 800-1000 net)

Unit packaging for courier:
Selecting the appropriate structure from the FEFCO catalog allows you to protect the product during transport.
Min. Quantity100 pcs
Recommended forall product types

Karton z fali BC – do wysyłki kurierem

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CharacteristicsSingle box made of 5-layer cardboard. It provides aesthetic values and well protects the product inside. Cardboard appreciated in e-commerce. It does not require an additional box for the courier.
Min. orderDepending on the choice of FEFCO design
100 pieces for fefco 411 (without die)

500 pcs – for fefco 210 (slide-in) – cutting die required
Recommended forall types of products

Folia termokurczliwa

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CharacteristicsSuper thin – only 10μm
To shrink products, we use a very thin, but also durable polyolefin foil.
ProtectionThe foil fundamentally protects the product against damage. Especially when the product is sold in stationary stores.
HygieneThe use of polyolefin foil allows you to maintain an appropriate level of hygiene and prevents the transfer of bacteria and viruses.
Foil and the environmentWe are great advocates of reducing plastic, we know how destructive it is to the environment.

We encourage the use of individual cardboard boxes, but in many cases packaging in cardboard boxes is excluded due to costs.

On the other hand, a product without packaging can be easily damaged when placed on store shelves.
Wooden products are extremely delicate. Even minor damage to the product renders it unfit for sale and requires disposal.
CompromiseA little foil can save a lot of wood.
In our opinion, super thin polyolefin foil is a compromise between caring for the environment and caring for a delicate wood product.
Recommended forall types of products
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