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2. What if…

  1. The board has bent

This is normal, the wood “works”, i.e. changes shape depending on humidity. For example, it may dry unevenly after washing. In such a situation, turn the board over and wait 24 hours for the board to return to its normal shape. You can also put something heavy on it.

  1. The board cracked when glued

It was probably used contrary to the instructions.

  1. The board cracked in the middle of the lamellas (not due to gluing)

Send the product back and we will replace it or refund your money if it turns out to be a defect during production

  1. There is a stain on the board (e.g. discoloration from strawberries or beets)

It’s normal, there’s nothing we can do. If black discoloration appears on an oak board, it has probably reacted naturally with raw metal, e.g. a meat grinder strainer.

  1. The oil has washed away

This is normal – you just need to re-oil.

  1. There are knife scratches

This is a normal feature of the product and there is no way to prevent it.

  1. The board is rough after washing

This is normal, wood is a natural product and after the first contact with water, fibers “stand up” and should be wiped off with the rough part of the sponge (mainly applies to oak, ash and walnut boards). More information can be found in the chapter on the problem of protruding fibers on wood.

  1. The color of the product is different from the picture

The photos in the offer are for illustration purposes only, and the color difference results from the fact that individual strips come from different parts of the tree. The color of the wood depends on the specific characteristics of the tree, the place where it grew (habitat), the moment at which it was cut and the length of seasoning. The boards are made of glued lamellas and we always try to match their shade as best as we can.

  1. The size is different than in the description

Wood works – it dries and shrinks in size when the ambient humidity drops (a heated room in winter), or swells when the humidity increases (rainy weather, high humidity in the air), therefore products may change their size: Tolerances are: width: +/ – 2.5%, length:  +/- 1%, thickness +/- 1 mm

  1. The order did not arrive on time

The processing time for a standard order from an online store is 3-4 days. In the case of personalized products, the time may be extended to 7 days. For orders over 100 pieces, we set the delivery time individually.

  1. The burned graphics are different than the visualization

The visualization is only an illustrative photo. Laser burned graphics may vary depending on the type of wood, grain arrangement, hardness, etc. We are not responsible for errors in the visualization design file.

  1. I don’t like the smell of wood

Wood is a natural product. Each species has its own specific smell. We will not eliminate him. Thermo ash wood has a specific smoked smell – it does not pass into food, which has been confirmed by food contact tests.

  1. The board stopped the smell of onions

The smell of some foods stays in the cutting board for a very long time, so we recommend always cutting foods with strong odors on one selected side.

  1. The label is dirty

A product oiled with vegetable or paraffin oil may leave greasy stains on the material or paper with which it comes into long-term contact, even if it appears dry to the touch. The material naturally absorbs oil from the board.

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