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2. Home-Deco

Welcome to our home-deco haven, where craftsmanship meets creativity. At RYBA’swe specialize in crafting exquisite home-deco products from wood, ranging from elegant wooden trays to stylish displays and functional knife blocks. Each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted to enhance the beauty and functionality of your living space. Explore our collection and add a touch of warmth and charm to your home décor or update your product range.


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Sample products:

Wooden trays, wooden display stands, wooden wall shelves, wooden candle holders, wine racks, magnetic knife blocks, turnable trays

Most commonly used as:

  • For restaurants – as serving trays
  • For product or decoration display
  • For home use
  • For clients with their own brand
  • As luxury products
  • As gifts

Most frequently chosen sizes and shapes:

  • Various sizes – depending on customer’s preference
  • Trays with legs: maximum height of legs – 35 mm

Most frequently chosen wood species:

  • Beech, oak, thermoash

Key advantage:

  • The main advantage:
  • Ability to purchase any quantity (depending on availability)
  • Extensive customization options for shape, thickness, and finish
  • Quick quoting – even within the same day
  • Fast sampling – even within a few days
  • Products tailored to customer preferences
  • Option to reserve production time to ensure regular deliveries
  • Availability of a high stock of standard products

Purchasing options:

  • With personalized logo – from 1 piece in our online store
  • With shape customization – from 300 pieces
  • Production capacity – we can produce up to 10-20,000 pieces per month
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1. Boards
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3. Coaster,
Holiday cards