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3. Why does cutting board bend?

Bent cutting board

A wooden cutting board, tray or other flat product may become deformed (due to uneven evaporation of water from the wood). When the board is placed on the countertop, more moisture evaporates from the side that is exposed. Evaporation from the surface adjacent to the countertop is limited. As a result, the board deforms.

A thinner board will bend more

Another important factor that affects the bending of cutting boards is the ratio of the width (surface) of the board to its thickness. The larger it is, the greater the chance that the board will deform and bend.

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How to fix a bent board?

When the board is bent, turn it over and leave it for 24 hours until the dimension stabilizes. You can press the board down from above with a heavy object.


Returning the board to its natural position does not mean that it will remain “flat” forever. Drying and water absorption will continue to occur during use. This is the natural charm of this type of products.

How to repair a bent wooden tray?

Wooden trays, like cutting boards, may bend due to uneven evaporation of water. What increases the bending effect is the tray on the surface – it reduces the thickness of the wood and disrupts its structure. The sides of the wooden tray curl and the tray begins to rock


Glue the silicone feet. Although the tray will not regain its original shape, the feet will eliminate the rocking effect and the curvature will be less visible.

We have prepared a short video showing this process:

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