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1. User instructions

All wooden products

  1. Clean with warm water and dish soap, then immediately dry.
  2. Avoid soaking in water. Prolonged soaking can cause the product to change color, swell, and delaminate.
  3. Avoid sources of heat and light.
  4. For oak products: Initial contact of oak board (or other product) with water may cause surface roughness. This effect is natural and will disappear after a few washes. For more information, see the section on the problem of protruding fibers in wood.
  5. We reserve a production dimensional tolerance:

    Tolerances are caused by the natural effect of wood swelling and “drying.”
  6. Width: +/- 2.5%
  7. Length: +/- 1%
  8. Thickness: +/- 1 mm
  9. In the products, we allow knots up to 2mm in size.
    Wooden cutting board, tray, or other flat product may become deformed due to uneven water evaporation from the wood. If the board has bent, turn it over to the other side and leave it for 24 hours to stabilize. You can press it from above with a heavy object.

Additional information about wood deformation is presented in a separate post (why does the cutting board bend?)

Wooden kitchen products (cutting boards, dish racks, and other kitchen items)

  1. Before first use, wash the product to remove any post-production contaminants.
  2. Do not wash in the dishwasher – this could result in the product delaminating after the first wash.
  3. Oil frequently with vegetable or paraffin oil.

Magnetic knife blocks

  1. The magnets in magnetic knife blocks are designed to accommodate most knives available on the market. However, there are exceptionally heavy knives or knives with small blades and very heavy handles that the magnets may not hold securely.
  2. We recommend exercising caution when placing knives on the block each time to avoid injury to yourself or damage to the countertop or floor in case of a knife falling.
  3. Only place clean and dry knives on the block.
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