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7. Accessories

Thanks to them, wooden items gain distinctive character or additional functionality.

Leather strap with a gold rivet

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CharacteristicsEmphasizes the luxurious appearance of the board in medium or large size.


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CharacteristicsA delicate and natural decoration, especially recommended for small and medium-sized boards

Jute twine

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CharacteristicsSuitable for attaching a name tag or dedication – recommended for gift accessories

Silicone feets

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CharacteristicsAlmost invisible, yet prevent wooden trays, knife blocks, and cutting boards from slipping

Gumowe nóżki i teflonowe ślizgacze

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CharacteristicsA solution that works great in wooden pads for kitchen appliances (e.g., Thermomix) – stabilizes the device on the kitchen counter and allows for easy movement when needed


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CharacteristicsThanks to their use, a wooden stand for kitchen knives can have a minimalist and aesthetic form.
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6. Laser
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8. Packaging