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Marketing packaging

8. Marketing packaging

Good packaging not only protects the product during transport, but is also responsible for the first impression. We offer solutions tailored to various needs: both for large orders, where solid security plays a key role, and for individual projects, where attractiveness and originality are important.

Papierowa banderola

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DescriptionWe provide you a tamplate for any type of boards.
You send us all design.
We print all designs at our printer-house-partner and attach the belly-band on the board.

CHECK BELOW SOME SAMPLES From our brand and some of our customers’.

Drukowana etykieta

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MarketingWe print color stickers according to the customer’s design.
We have many products packed in individual packages without printing. We can put the customer’s stickers on them.
This is a good option for small or test orders.

Zawieszka na skórzanym pasku

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CharacteristicsMade of white or kraft paper, in any size, with space for your own print or barcode sticker.

Zawieszka na sznurku jutowym

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CharacteristicsMade of kraft paper, in any size, with space for a selected graphic, text or barcode sticker.
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7. Accesories
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