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Bulk packaging

11. Opakowania zbiorcze

Good packaging not only protects the product during transportation but also contributes to the first impression. We offer solutions tailored to various needs: both for large orders, where solid protection is crucial, and for individual projects, where attractiveness and originality matter.


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CharacteristicsWe use pallets 120×80 cm and pack up to max. height 180-200 cm depending on the weight of the load.

Folia stretch

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CharacteristicsWe use a machine to shrink foil on pallets, which increases their durability. Each pallet is packed in the same way.

Taśmy PP

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CharacteristicsPalety spinamy mocnymi taśmami PP, z zachowaniem ostrożności aby nie uszkodzić zawartości opakowania, ale dodatkowo zapewnić stabilność i bezpieczeństwo na czas transportu.

Fioletowe taśmy bezpieczeństwa

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CharacteristicsWe seal each pallet with a special tape that protects it against unwanted opening.

If you notice that the tape is damaged, report the damage to the courier immediately..

Etykieta na palecie

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CharacteristicsWe place a label on each pallet with the following information:
your company name
RP (packing statement number)
pallet number
product number and name
number of pieces on the pallet
all additional information


Small parcels, boxes: DPD, UPS, DHL
1-5 pallets: DHL, RABEN, Kühne&Nagel
6-33 pallets: we are looking for direct transport

Already have a courier? Great!

We will provide you with all the required information (weight, dimension, volume, etc.)

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10. Other
packaging options