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Candle lids

4. Wooden Candle lids

We specialize in crafting high-quality wooden lids that perfectly complement your candle containers. Whether you have a specific size of glass or a unique shape, we can customize our wooden lids to fit seamlessly.

Our wooden lids come with options for rubber or silicone seals, ensuring a snug fit to keep your candles fresh and fragrant. Additionally, we offer a range of customization options to suit your brand or personal preferences. Choose from different types of wood, colors, and even add engraved logos for a personalized touch.

Need a sample to see how our wooden lids will enhance your candles? No problem! We offer fast sample services so you can experience the quality firsthand.

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For bulk orders, personalization is available starting from 300 pieces. With many standard sizes in stock, you can easily find the perfect fit for your candles.

Explore our selection of wooden candle lids and elevate the presentation of your candles today!

Candle lids

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We specialize in manufacturing candle lids – producing approximately 1 million annually:

  • We’ll customize the lid dimensions to fit your glass.
  • You can choose the wood species, color, and dimensions.
  • We offer raw finish, oil finish, stain, or opaque lacquer finish.

Fitting to the glass:

  • For each glass, we tailor the external and internal dimensions of the lid.
  • Internal dimension – We plan the internal dimension to ensure that the lid is neither too loose nor too tight. To achieve this, we consider:
    • Tolerance of the glass dimension
    • Wood working tolerance (the wax moisture affects the expansion of the wood)
  • We accept custom orders starting from 300 pieces.

The most commonly chosen sizes and shapes:

  • Thickness – 8mm – standard without silicon
  • Thickness – 15mm with silicon
  • Any outer diameter from 30mm
  • Any inner diameter

The most commonly chosen wood species:

  • Beech, oak, ash, thermally modified ash

The most important advantage:

  • Extensive customization options for thickness, finish
  • Quick quoting – even on the same day
  • Fast sampling – even within a few days
  • Tailored product according to customer preferences
  • Option to reserve production time to ensure regular deliveries
  • Availability of a high stock of standard products

Purchase options:

  • We have many standard sizes – From 100 pieces for standard dimensions
  • Shape customization – from 300 pieces
  • Production capacity – we can produce up to 100,000 per month


  • Send us your glass – we’ll customize the dimensions
  • Order a set of lid samples (available materials and finishes) to match the color and wood species


  • Also available with a customized gasket
  • All gaskets feature air vents for easy candle closure
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