Custom Wooden Products

We will create wooden products for the kitchen and home according to your wishes.

We have proprietary machines and our own stock of wood several months ahead. We undertake various orders for wooden products, and in our portfolio, we already have over 200 clients from Europe and the United States. We deliver worldwide.

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Custom-made products

Recommend for:

  • Owners of home & decor brands looking for unique collections of wooden products
  • Companies interested in luxury wooden products according to their own ideas
  • Organizations seeking a practical idea for a premium quality gift
  • Business owners in the HoReCa industry who care about unique kitchen or interior decor


  • Unique design
  • Opportunity to create your own product from scratch with a unique design
  • Possibility of perfect customization (including shape, wood, finish, branding)


1. Product

Send your project (e.g., sketch with dimensions)
or choose it from our store.

2. Wood

Choose the species: Polish (oak, beech, ash, thermo-ash)
or American (American walnut).

3. Coverage

Choose the finish:
none, oiling, waxing.

4. Finish

Choose the finish for the edges:
straight, rounded, beveled.

5. Engraving

Send us the design (e.g., logo, text)
and its placement.

6. Accessories

Choose from available options: jute rope, cord,
leather strap, coasters, legs, gliders, magnets.

7. Method of packaging

Choose the packaging method: foil, type of cardboard, sticker,
band, bulk packaging.

8. Order quantity

Provide the quantity and preferences regarding the quantity of pieces
in bulk packaging.

We will provide you
with a quotation for the project.
We will create the design
and send it to you for approval.
Delivery to any place
in the world.

Przedstawimy Ci
wycenę projektu

Wykonamy wzór
i wyślemy do akceptacji

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Ask us a question

When placing an order, select the available options, leaving additional information about your order in the message content, such as the design, quantity.

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