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Edyta Sokolowska 1 - 1

Edyta Sokołowska

Sales and customer service

PL/ENG .+48 724 386 625

Aleksandra Gorczyca 1 - 2

Aleksandra Gorczyca

Sales and customer service

PL/ ENG +48 722 062 237

Jacek Solecki 1 - 3

Jacek Solecki

Briquette sales

PL +48 723 398 833

Rafal Ryba 1 - 4

Rafał Ryba

Sales and production

PL/ ENG +48 781 124 250

Czeslaw Ryba 1 - 5

Czesław Ryba


PL +48 505 304 906

Ask us a question

Do you want to learn more about our offer? Receive a price list? Do you have an idea for a custom order? Ask what you want and we will be happy to get back to you with an answer.

    How can we help you?

    Check out some examples of questions worth asking us:

    • I would like to distribute RYBA Wooden Products. Please send me a wholesale price list and terms of cooperation.
    • I have an idea for a new product. I would like to commission its production.
    • My client needs a product for an advertising campaign. Is it possible to order a product with the client’s logo?
    • I need candle lids. Can I order lids customized to fit my glass?

    Who do we work with?

    Our products are mainly intended for:

    • Owners of brands who are looking for tasteful and original items with the possibility of adding their own logo
    • Distributors who are seeking interesting products to expand their range
    • Individual customers who value everyday items made with attention to every detail

    Do you have another issue or doubt?
    Let us know and we will certainly not leave you without an answer.

    Who will answer your questions?

    One of our sales representatives will contact you shortly. They are all intimately familiar with our full portfolio of products, as they work with each machine during training. This way, they gain comprehensive knowledge about our products and will share it with you in response to your inquiry.

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    Zakład Wyrobów z Drewna,
    Czesław Ryba
    38-247 Ołpiny, Ołpiny 66


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