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Other packaging options

10. Other packaging options

Good packaging not only protects the product during transport, but also makes the first impression. We offer solutions tailored to various needs: both for large orders, where solid protection plays a crucial role, and for individual projects, where attractiveness and originality count.


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CharacteristicsFor individual orders when no additional protection against opening is needed.

Białe etykiety z kodem kreskowym

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For any product.
Standard label size: 30×20, 50×25, 70×40, 100×60, 100×150 [mm]

Przezroczyste naklejki

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CharacteristicsRound, strong stickers to strengthen the closure of the package.

Wypełniacze do paczek

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Recommended for delicate or irregularly shaped items to fill the free space in the box and additionally protect the package during transport.
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9. Unit
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11. Bulk